Feng Shui for Autumn

Feng Shui for Autumn by Vikki Anderson
Autumn is a wonderful time to clean out your house of all the things you no longer need, want or like. Many garages or yard sales are going on in local neighborhoods and you can make some extra cash by getting rid of your “treasures.” You never know what people are looking for and you may just have that odd piece of furniture, kitchen accessory/appliance or accent piece they have been looking for. This is also a great time to make room in your home, garage, basement, and attic for the upcoming holidays. Remember, with the weather getting cooler and eventually colder with snow, your family needs room to relax, read a book or magazine, write out the bills, enjoy each other, watch TV or play video games, and do homework. They need a comfortable and organized living space.
With the new energy of the season, it is important to clear out the summer energy and have a more relaxed and calming environment. Many people rearrange furniture, change bed linens to glorious fall colors and change curtains in every room. Any alterations bring a change of energy with them so be sure that you feel comfortable, happy, relaxed and stress-free after you redecorate or update your room’s look. If you are tired of the same old curtains or comforters, change them. If the same worn-out throw pillows are a sight for sore eyes, perhaps going to flea markets, garage sales or local stores who are having sales would be a good alternative. It will make you feel re-energized as you bring in new energy of the item and the color into your home.
Be sure to have your wooden deck or porch power washed and water sealed before the heavy snow of winter. Snow can easily erode wooden decks. Be prepared to have a new, fresh-looking deck in the spring. Many people have asked if I had built a new deck after I do this every two years. It looks that good.
Check and double-check all outdoor sensor lights. Make sure they are where you want them for the winter keeping in mind that you may have to shovel a driveway or walkway and pile the snow high on the lights. They may even be broken when shoveling as you can’t always see them in the high snowdrifts. Make sure you place them where your guests and family members can see the driveway and walkway clearly in the dead of winter.
Put all outdoor furniture away in the garage or basement. If this is not an option, be sure to buy covers or tarps and wrap up all the tables, chairs, BBQ and other equipment if they are going to be exposed to the upcoming harsh weather.
Start raking the fallen leaves a little every weekend. If you are lucky to be home (retired, work from home, etc.), you can rake the leaves or use your mower with the leaf attachment any time you wish. Do this at least once a week so you don’t get behind on this boring task.
Get all the fall/winter curtains, bedspreads, blankets, and afghans dry cleaned or washed so that they will be ready when the cold winter nights are upon us. With everything fresh and clean, you are free to change the linens and curtains whenever you are ready.
Steam clean wall-to-wall carpeting so that as the crazy holidays approach, this is one less thing you have to do. (Some people actually steam clean their rugs after the holidays so that it stays fresh and clean right through spring! That’s a thought!).
Give your home a good “fall” cleaning and get rid of items you no longer need, like or want. Declutter. Organize.
Have a garage sale and make some money with all of the “treasures” you no longer need OR bring your items to a charity and get a tax write off.
Check all of your Christmas (or holiday) supplies and decorations. This could be Christmas tags, wrapping paper, tape, money holder cards, tins for your cookies, tissue paper for your gifts, gift bags, etc. All decorations and Christmas lights should be looked at and be sure they are in good condition. Check your Christmas lights so that you won’t be disappointed after stringing them on the tree and finding out many lights no longer work.
Get everyone’s holiday list and find out when and where major holiday sales will take place. You will have your holiday shopping done in no time and you’ll save money too.
Don’t go out on Black Friday. The stress level of that day is not worth it. By now, you will have had purchased many of your presents. If you still have shopping to do, try to order online and have it delivered to your door. No-fuss or waste of time, energy and gasoline.
Talk to the family and find out who will be hosting which holidays so there is no confusion.
Organize lists for food shopping, guest lists, invitations, and/or phone calls. Delegate responsibility so that everyone has a chance to help with the holiday festivities.
Be sure to bring all of your plants in pots indoors. This can be in the basement or garage or in a sunny window. Read about what your particular plant needs and try to accommodate that plant. Many plants can be ready for the springtime and bloom again. Saving money by not having to buy other plants to replace them is a good thing.
This is a lovely time to clean out and organize the attic as well. The temperature is still moderate or slightly chilly, but pleasant to work in. Keep or toss Christmas decorations while decluttering your attic. (Your attic represents “the future” in Feng Shui, so be sure it is organized with limited amounts of junk or unnecessary clutter. You wouldn’t want your future filled with junk or unnecessary things, would you?). Items that should be in your attic are holiday decorations, luggage, seasonal clothing and bedding/curtains. Always box other items that you truly feel you need to store. A better place for a lot of items is in your basement since the basement is “your past” so anything in the basement cannot hurt you in the future. Be aware of flooding. I personally put wedding albums in my basement and when Super Storm Sandi hit, the Rubbermaid bins floated, rolled over on its side and opened. I lost a lot of stuff; however, I realized I was supposed to let go of the past and it didn’t bother me. Be careful how you store things in the basement.
In regards to color, bold color brings in more vibrant and dynamic energy. The pastels bring in the energy in a softer, more harmonious plane. Remember that these colors also work if you are wearing them as clothing or accessories.
The bold color brings in more vibrant and dynamic energy and you could change your environment or space around quickly. The pastel color brings in the positive energy in a softer, more compromising and yet harmonious level but it is very soft energy which means it will take a concerted effort to move towards your goal of changing your surroundings. Remember that these colors also work if you are wearing them as clothing or accessories. If a particular color touches your skin, they are absorbed into your auric or energetic field for the day and you would be surrounded by that color and influence for the entire day. Be careful of the color of clothing you purchase and wear.
The easiest way to get colors into a particular gua (or area) is by placing art work into that area. Flowers, gardens, an outdoor café lined with colorful umbrellas, a meadow scene with lots of wildflowers all can bring many colors into a particular space. The ultimate idea is to bring all colors into every part of your house, apartment, condo, townhouse or room. It does not have to be so blatant that everyone knows that this is the black or red area, but be discreet by putting pillowcases, linens, curtains, sheets, tablecloths, napkins, dinnerware, etc. with a hint of these needed colors.
Of course, scatter rugs or entry runners may also add color into the area as well as wall color or shades.
Color References
Most teens wear black and now we know why they act the way they do! Black represents depression, upset, negativity, sadness, restrictions, limitations, obstacles, concerns, issues and feeling out of place or without a connection, despair, misery, hopelessness, dejection and melancholy. If you must wear this color or decorate your home with this color, you need to accent it with positive strong colors to balance this negative energy.
This soothing color helps you express emotions, empathy, sympathy, compassion and sensitivity. This is a nice calming color for an adult or child’s bedroom or any area of the home where you would like to bring tranquility. Blue also means clear sailing, harmony, peace and going into the right direction.
This color is not recommended for rooms (but may be used for a neutral rug or window treatments). Gray represents fears, doubts, worries, anxieties, being over whelmed, stressed, confused, lost, procrastinating tendencies and indecisiveness. You feel as if you are on a foggy road and cannot read the signs which would guide you to your destination, so you just keep on going and going until someone saves you or helps you find your path.
This is a beautiful, peaceful and calm color. This color brings in prosperity and abundance, financial security, fertility and growth. It gets projects “growing” in the right direction; it is a nurturing and supportive color.
This refreshing and uplifting color brings harmony, peace, joy, self confidence, love, happiness, self esteem, relationships, partnerships, friendship, prosperity and everything that will make you happy.
This is the most spiritual color which has the highest vibrational rate. Purple brings in esoteric interest and study, philosophy and honors all cultural, spiritual and religious traditions. Metaphysical or spiritual knowledge is brought through this color for you to use or to pass along to others who could use the knowledge and insight from Above. Many psychics surround themselves with this color or see this color when they are meditating.
What an assertive, dynamic, passionate and energetic color. Red usually motivates people who are procrastinators and helps them bring their never ending list of things to do to an end. This color brings vibrant energy, makes one self motivated, active and lively. It gives them much motivation and drive to accomplish whatever they feel is important in their lives. Too much red can cause temper tantrums and anger. This is not a color that is recommended for a young child’s room. I do not recommend this color if you are looking for a restful or peaceful environment.
This section includes beige, mauve, orange, and khaki as well. This is a very grounded, focused, stable and organized color. Tan, etc., brings a good foundation and is very secure. It helps you stay connected to Mother Earth, keeps your feet on the ground and makes one very persistent. It also helps you prioritize your life in a very analytical way so that you can accomplish your dreams and ambitions in a positive manner.
White is the sucker color. It brings energy of being too good, caring, loving, kind, generous, honest, trust worthy and doing everything for others and in return, no one does anything for you. Eventually, you will become a doormat or have no life of your own since you are too busy helping others. Set some boundaries and limitations and stick with them. Stop falling for sad stories. Stop lending money which you will never see returned. I tell my students never to wear white underclothes as your foundation for the day is to be a sucker and have everyone take advantage of you! Wear more beige! You will become more grounded and strong and would certainly never let anyone take advantage of you ever again!
The powerful and alive color of the sun stimulates the mind. It activates intelligence, logic, analytical and methodical thoughts and is a great color for a library, place where children study and where common sense is required.
Copyrighted by vikkianderson.net 2014. You may copy this article with author’s name and/or website URL. Thanks!
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Fish Tanks in Feng Shui

Most people who are interested in Feng Shui know that water represents money in Feng Shui.  So what could be better than placing a water fountain or water feature in your career area as you walk into your space.  A water feature that is a wonderful addition to any home is a fish tank.

When I first started this new adventure with a 10 gallon fish tank, I thought it was all about filling up the fish tank and placing fish in it.  Well, was I surprised.  After killing a few fish by accident just by changing the water, I realized that one needs a Ph.D. in Fish to keep them alive and well.

I bought ten fish because I started with ones on sale for 5 for a $1!  You don’t have to get the most expensive fish; in fact, you can start with 8 gold-fish (at .29 each) and one black gold-fish.  One of mine died so I do have 9 at present and I am happy to report that they are all doing very well.

Eventually, after much trial and error (and having a daughter with many bio degrees who walked me through putting in the good bacteria, the stress coat liquid and finally the right clarifier when the water was a dirty mustard color), my fish are alive and well and I have a water feature which actually has been bringing in more money than I have seen in some time.

If your fish tank has dirty or cloudy water, you won’t be able to see your money clearly or there might be some issues with the honesty related to getting that money.

I get three-four Feng Shui consultations per week now.  I also get many more tarot and astrology consultations and my class schedule has quadrupled during the second part of 2011.  This all happened because I put in a Feng Shui cure in my architectural front door entrance in the career area of the bagua.

Fish tanks are hard to start, but it is one of the better known Feng Shui cures for bringing money, wealth and abundance into one’s life.  I never recommend anything unless I’ve tried it and it works.  Be persistent, ask for help from your local pet store and get all of the required supplies that goes along with owning fish and don’t forget their food!

You may also put a fish tank or fountain in the far left corner of your space which is the wealth area.  Water generates money, so why wouldn’t you want one in your home?

Just one cure here and there will give you a new perspective on your money, and how to work smarter and not harder.  It will also broaden your horizons for prosperity for you and for those you love.

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Explanations of the Nine Star Ki Numbers

9 Star Years (beginning Chinese New Year: February 4)

You can find your annual 9 Star Ki number in other posts on this site. Remember, if you were born prior to February 4, use the Ki number that is assigned to the previous year. For example, a person born on January 8, 1953, is a 3 Tree.

According to Nine Star Ki, we embody the Ki characteristics of the year in which we were born. For example, a person born after February 4th, 1950, is said to be a “Five Soil” person. Someone born in 1978 is a Four Tree individual, and so on.

Explanations of the Nine Star Ki Numbers


The Number 1 White Water Person

It is good to tap into this person’s insight. Being the most yang number, they can be very comfortable when engaged in worldly pursuits, but are strongly attracted to the yin, spiritual aspects of life. This combination gives the 1 Water person a very strong intuition.

These individuals can have a very subdued appearance but, inside, they are very strong.

The evolved One Water seeks out people, religions, books; any means that will provide structure in their life. This inherent drive for structure does not come about because the 1 Water is a weak person. On the contrary, like water, this personality is very flexible and can flow in virtually any direction. Therefore the search is for definition, not to be pampered or held back.

One Waters are very interested in observing others and in sexual relationships. They can keep their thoughts and feelings well hidden, but have a deep respect for the art of communication and are excellent listeners.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Kidneys, bladder and reproductive system

Positive Traits:  Independent, intuitive, good at concentration, diplomatic, adaptable, cool, serious, careful, insightful, social, self-protective, industrious, patient, adaptable, hardworking, intimate, self-conscious, courageous, strong willed, assertive, confident, inspired, serene, reflective.

Negative Traits:  Stagnant, contemptuous, manipulative, stubborn, obstinate, unable to adapt easily, tenacious, worried, disdainful, overbearing, insecure, fear, victim mentality, defensive, paranoid, solitude, loneliness, overconfident, feels isolated.

The Number 2 Black Soil Person

It is good to have a 2 Soil around when there is work to be done. These people are consistent, steadfast and can be very supportive. But they should not be mistaken for blind followers. They have strong ideals and are public minded. Historically, there are many well remembered 2 Soil leaders, such as Lincoln, Kennedy and Tenzin Gyatso (The Dalai Lama).

Because the evolved 2 Soil plays such a supporting role, they sometimes find it difficult to say “no” to the requests and invitations of others, even when they would rather be alone or resting. In fact, it is advisable that they create some quiet time for rejuvenation. They find it difficult to hide from the activities of the world for too long, though, due to their thirst for social interaction.

2 Soils are not the “get rich quick” type, but they can find great prosperity through long, steady effort. Because of their social, hard working nature, they make excellent teachers.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Stomach, pancreas, spleen

Positive Traits:  Steady, stable, secure, delicate, of service to others, caring, sacrificing, dependent, diligent, delicate, maternal, accurate, supportive, feminine, shrewd, conservative, nourishing, observing, dedicated, devotion, systematic, detail-minded, social, sympathy, understanding, compassionate, receptive, methodical.

Negative Traits: Perfectionism, meticulous, conservative, envious, irritated, suspicious, egotistical, cynical, sceptical, jealous, shrewd, irritable, stubborn, discriminating, aloof, doubtful, overly fastidious.

The Number 3 Green Tree Person (3 Wood)

A good person to see for fresh insights and new opinions. As their rising energy suggests, 3 Trees are very active. They like to explore and to choose their own path. The 3 Tree personality is honest to a fault and is, not always, as tactful as one may wish. But their adventurous spirit and their joyful attitude towards life can attract many people. Due to their active nature (tight spiral), many 3 Tree individuals have firm, yang bodies.

People born in the 3 Tree position like to win, but evolved 3 Trees also have the capacity to truly feel joy when others succeed. This being the case, fully adjusted 3 Trees are extremely pleased when “everyone wins” and, for this reason, can be very effective leaders.

Three Trees often act spontaneously and, sometimes, with insufficient consideration of the details. Therefore, they learn through experience. They make good performers.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Liver and gallbladder

Positive Traits:  Patience, flexible, tolerant, susceptible, stamina, insightful, outgoing, accessible, active, optimistic, progressive, creative, advancing, frank, straight forward, intense, passionate, sensitive, talkative, passionate, extrovert, uncomplicated.

Negative Traits:  Explosive, inflexible, intolerable, brash, frank, bold, aggressive, impatient, rash, hasty, self-pity, upset, alienating, prejudice, preoccupied with trivial matters.


The Number 4 Dark Green Tree Person (4 Wood)

Four Trees make good experts. They can provide very powerful advice, concerning issues that dwell within their field of expertise. However, their response to questions that are outside of their normal studies may be less practical. The archetype of the absent- minded professor comes to mind.

Four Tree people have a great love for life and they like to focus upon those aspects that can provide the deepest personal meaning. Therefore, they tend to be romantics, idealists or musicians and are not especially appreciative of oppressive situations. If conditions necessitate that a 4 Tree become an expert in a field that is of little personal interest, they will be miserable.

Because of their capacity for analytical thought and devotion to a specific field of study, genius can be expressed in many different ways. Albert Einstein and Jimi Hendrix were, both, 4 Trees.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Liver and gallbladder

Positive Traits:  Tender, confident, controlled, reputable, prudent, adaptable, liberal, flexible, compassionate, smooth mannered, emotional, harmonious, open, creative, adaptable, social, and affectionate.

Negative Traits:  Too impulsive, stubborn, evasive, calculating, uncontrolled, changeable, not able to adapt easily, reckless, hypersensitive, moody, inflexible, scattered, self-centered, impractical, manipulative, meticulous, and indecisive.

The Number 5 Yellow Soil Person

A good manager and controller of ventures, projects and households. The 5 Soil can be found in all walks of life, from the very humble to the highest circles of wealth and power. Wherever they are, events and people tend to center around them. It is not as if they are in the limelight and they are not necessarily the center of attention. But they possess a power and control to such an extent that it would be difficult for the other 8 types to fathom. They are inscrutable.

If you are not a Five Soil person, the best time to get an idea of their characteristics is when you occupy the 5 Soil annual position. When you are in the position of another number, you take on some of the attributes that are associated with that personality. Since 5 Soils are in the “center”, both positive and negative situations move towards them. It is their nature to make use of the good aspects and to turn the other energies away, or to manage them into a more beneficial state.

Five Soils collect things. Some collect people and build large organizations. Some collect stamps.

The evolved 5 Soil knows they are a 5 Soil. Not necessarily because they have studied Nine Star Ki. They come to know that their thoughts and actions can have a profound influence upon the well-being of others and they use their energy towards that end. Being the balancing influence, they don’t appreciate sudden change, so time is required for new ideas and directions to take root.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Stomach, pancreas, spleen

Positive Traits:  Independent, strong, assertive, constructive, controlling, proud, persistent, humane, determined, resolute, talented and artistic.

Negative Traits:  Egoistic, bold, destructive, late maturing, stubborn, destructive, forceful, irritated, aggressive, self indulgent, calculating, set in their views and ways of doing things.


The Number 6 White Metal Person

This person is good for providing solidarity and purpose to a group or an event. Six Metals have a strong sense of ethical propriety. Choosing a practical approach over idealism, they can be strict and strong willed when applying their authority.

Many mechanics, machinists, mechanical engineers and jewelers are 6 Metals. The evolved Six Metal is socially oriented, working for the good of the team or family. They share their opinions on life by setting a strong example through their behavior, rather than verbalizing their ideas. They are good financial managers and they excel at producing finished products.

Most 6 Metals are “main stream” thinkers, with little interest or belief in methods that are not “tried and true”. But, they can have very strong powers of intuition, in and of themselves. In some cases, this intuitive nature can become so profound that some would call it psychic.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Lungs, Large Intestine

Positive Traits:  Holistic approach, leadership, will power, organized, stylish, judicious, loyal, faithful, prudent, perfectionist, magnanimous, dignified, perseverance, convincing, trustworthy, proud, rational, ethical, determined, merciful, nobility, considerate.

Negative Traits:  Depressed, non social, controlling, stubborn, opinionated, sadness, complaining, hurt, melancholy, stubborn, rigidity, sentimental, defensive, calculating, offensive, moralist, inconsiderate, tenacious, insecure, merciless, uncompromising, unyielding.


The Number 7 Red Metal Person

It is good to turn to this person for extravagance and fun. This is the energy of early evening, of the setting sun, and the 7 Metal personality reflects the sensual nature of the times. Therefore, this person will be interested in the morays and fashions of the day and their interest will, often, be exemplified in their clothes, jewelry and hairstyle. These individuals may appear to be emotional and superficial, on the surface, but inside they are solid. The evolved Seven Metal is very organized and will have a practical response to almost any situation. This mode of operation provides balance to an, otherwise, exorbitant and overly emotional state of being. They are masters of oratory and can sway opinions with their voice.

Due to their natural sensuality and general attractiveness, Sevens are easily noticed and are often promoted quickly through the ranks of an organization. While they can be extremely practical and patient, they flourish best when receiving the attention and support of others.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Lungs, Large Intestine

Positive Traits:  Easy going, joyful, happiness, social, flexible, talkative, energetic, sensitive, passionate, polished, entertaining, indulgent, resourceful, expressive, persuasive, uncomplicated, optimistic and exuberant.

Negative Traits:  Stubborn, stormy, egoistic, extravagant, hyper sensitive, arrogant, conceited, self-important, superior, overconfident, nervous, complicated, calculating, shy, over indulged, spoiled, needs to be the center of attention.


The Number 8 White Soil Person

This person is good for anything that fits in with their plans. Usually, their plans include lending a helpful hand to any and everyone. Eight Soils are kind hearted, fair minded and family oriented. However, when they feel an injustice has been performed, they are quick to speak out and take remedial action. These individuals alternate between periods of reserved, deep activity and extroverted interaction. They are deep thinkers and boisterous revelers.

The evolved Eight Soil will study important issues before taking action. They often have a very straightforward set of plans, concerning their career moves and what they want to accomplish next. But, they are not afraid to become involved with new ideas and directions. They are intrepid travelers and make excellent road companions. They move around in life. Eight Soils love family. Even if their experiences keep them from settling down at an early age, the thought of family is always there. As they age, their deep love and respect for elders grows.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Stomach, pancreas, spleen

Positive Traits:  Seeking, striving, persistent, sympathy, wealthy, abundant, is good at saving, energetic, adventurous, tenacious, curious, revolutionary, self motivating, ambitious.

Negative Traits:  Suspicious, antipathy, jealous, arrogant, sceptical, opinionated, stagnated, self indulgent, materialistic, greedy, possessive, obstinate, straightforward and pretentious.

The Number 9 Purple Fire Person

This person is good for developing new ideas and initiating fresh activities. But, in order to reach a successful conclusion, their path must be well defined. Like Fire, they attract a lot of attention and can be very charismatic. Their temperament can change quickly, so it is sometimes difficult to know what the mood will be, next. Outgoing and enthusiastic, these individuals are brilliant on the surface but, often, concise plans and opinions have not been carefully thought out.

The evolved Nine Fire will use their good fortune, charisma and outgoing nature to develop a business or profession that will balance their somewhat chaotic existence with the more substantial, material aspects of life. They have learned to channel their flamboyant nature, to obtain the required social approval and support. Many 9 Fires are very successful in public relations and sales positions. Often, Nine Fires have difficulty settling down in a long term job or marriage.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Heart and small intestines

Positive Traits:  Calm, proud, foresight, honorable, intelligent, successful, generous, charismatic, enlightened, brightness, holistic, embracing, tasteful, stardom like quality, medium, fullness, intuitive, proud, enlightened, impulsive, vain, distinguished, colorful, witty, expressive.

Negative Traits:  Stormy, self-concerned, impulsive, vain, fickle, hyperactivity, flamboyant, stormy, silent, over emotional, inconsiderate, repetitive, superiority, self absorbed.

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Closets in Feng Shui

by Vikki Anderson

What can we do with closets, you may ask?  You can do a lot of great things with them, so read and learn.

First, I would de-clutter.  I know, you knew I was going to say that.  It’s true…anything that hasn’t fit you or that you may not like any longer, it is time to give to friends, family or a charity.  The Lupus Foundation (Lupus.org) will pick up your clothing from your home and use the money for research.  You can arrange the pickup date on line, so how easy is that?  Keep the clothes you like, want and fit into and start from there.

Everything should immediately be taken off of the top shelf. We usually throw junk up there that is rarely used.  Because the closet’s top shelf in Feng Shui represents your future, you want it clean, clutter free and filled with your business cards, marketing tools, money and anything else you may wish to attract in your future.  You can always add specific colors and items from the specific gua that you are trying to enhance, i.e., the wealth area, partnership area or health, etc.

If it is the wealth area, be sure to place red envelopes filled with money in the future area of your closet.  If you want a new job, put job offers, job listings, or anything that would represent a new position for you up on the top shelf.  Yes, you may store things up there too, but give your desired enhancement a chance to work by giving it lots of room to grow.  Use purple, green and blue in this area.

If it is in the partnership area, put things that remind you of the two of you: photos, remembrances, movie tickets, souvenirs, etc.  Be sure to also put items in pairs.  Pairs, of course, represent couples.  Place the color pink in the upper part of your closet for the partnership gua.

For health issues, be sure the area if well illuminated and painted in a bright or pastel yellow (or earth tone) and place things that remind you of good health in that area, such as a good blood work report, a picture of you when you were very healthy and happy, a picture of you on vacation hiking or jogging, a health magazine or book, etc.  Be creative and I know you will find tons of things to remind you of good health.

The middle of the closet or where you hang your clothes, represents your present.  This area should be well organized and clutter free.  Remove clothes that do not fit you or that are outdated.  If you do not, you will have situations that don’t fit in with your lifestyle or hopes.  The same is true for outdated garments…your ideas may be outdated for this time in your life and you will be overlooked for some important position, or perhaps even for an opportunity that you were waiting for because of “something” that is outdated or out of style.

The bottom of the closet is the past, so to be safe, place items here if you just do not know where else to place them.  The past can’t hurt you.  It’s done.  No more negative energy can stick to a completed task or project.  Again, this area should be organized and clutter free and filled with wonderful photographs or memories of your past.  If you do not wish your past (ex-spouse or partner, ex-job, etc.) to follow you into the present, you should keep those items in large Rubbermaid tubs and seal them so they are safe from infecting your present.  Also, if old wedding albums of an ex or old invitations to your wedding (which did not work out) are stored in the top of your closets, you will never be free of the negative energy of that relationship, and will continuously attract that same energy into current relationships, etc.  You no longer need that energy around you so get rid of stuff that you just don’t need to be reminded of any longer.

These are just a few ways to help you arrange your life by organizing your past, present and future areas in all of your closets in your home and office, thereby attracting appropriate energies to help you achieve the goals you want and desire.

Copyright (c) 2009 http://www.Fengshuimoon.com.

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Book Cases

by Vikki Anderson

Book Cases in Feng Shui

Many of us have large bookcases filled with hard and soft cover books that we have read many years ago or with the ones we hope to read in the future.  Have you thought about donating your “read” books to your local library or your children’s school’s library?   Once you have read a book (and sometimes you may read it twice, it becomes a dust collector and another bit of clutter.

Once your “must have” or “must keep” books are in your book case, try a little variety.  Lay some down horizontally and others in the vertical position.  This will balance the yin/yang energy in the room.  Horizontal books bring in quiet and laid-back energies (yin), while vertical books bring in active and energetic energies (yang).  Keep many of your children’s books in the horizontal position in their room or the energy may be too scattered to allow your child a good night’s sleep. You may also wish to put various colored book covers on your cherished items — these colors should be appropriate to the area of the gua in which the book case(s) are located.

If your book case is filled with old magazines, donate them to a nursing home or doctor’s office OR give them to friends who may not be able to afford a subscription to the magazines you currently order.  An easy way of de-cluttering is to throw them out as soon as you’ve read them or just cut out the articles of interest and put them in a folder so you can read them in a doctor’s office or while waiting for your car to be serviced, etc.

Nowadays many of us have a Kindle so the need for piles of books is no longer a necessity when you may carry many thousands of books in your hand.

This is just another example of de-cluttering your home a step at a time to find the positive opportunities and voluntary simplicity that we all long to have in our lives.  Happy Feng Shui.


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Chinese Feng Shui Horoscope (for fun!)

This is a Chinese Feng Shui horoscope.  Take a moment to take this test!  If you are honest this tells the truth, it’s pretty accurate.  Write your answers on paper.  Find out your horoscope at the bottom.

1.  Which is your favorite color: Red, Black, Blue, Green or Yellow?
2.  Your first initial?
3.  Your month of birth?
4.  Which color do you like more, Black or White?
5.  The name of a person that is the same sex as you?
6.  Your favorite number?
7.  Do you like California or Florida more?
8.  Do you like a lake or the ocean more?
9.  Write down a wish (a realistic one)

When you are done, scroll down.  Don’t cheat!


1.  If you chose:
Red – You are alert and your life is full of love.
Black – You are conservative and aggressive.
Green – Your soul is relaxed and you are laid back.
Blue – You are spontaneous and love affection.
Yellow – You are a very happy person and give good advice to those who are down.

2.  If your initials are:
A-K You have a lot of love and friendships in your life.
L-R You try to live your life to the max and your love life is soon to bloom.
S-Z You like to help others and your future looks very bright.

3.  If you were born in:
Jan-Mar: The year will go very well for you and you will discover that you fall in love with someone20totally unexpected.
Apr-Jun: You will have a strong love relationship that will last forever.
Jul-Sep: You will have a great year and will experience a major life-changing experience for the good..
Oct-Dec: Your life will be great, you will find your soul mate.

4.  If you chose:
Black: Your life is about to get better.  You are more than ready for the change.
White: You have a friend who completely confides in you and would do anything for you, but you may not realize it.

5.  This person should be your best friend.

6.  This is how many close friends you will have in your life time.

7.  If you chose:
California : Y ou like adventure.
Florida : You are a laid back person…

8.  If you chose:
Lake : You are loyal to your friends and your lover.  You are very reserved.
Ocean:  You are spontaneous and like to please people.

9.  This wish will come true if you send this to 1 person in one hour.  Send it to ten people and it will come true before your next birthday.

Be peaceful to others and to yourself.

Sent to me via email, so I am not sure who wrote this, but I thank them and must say that it was interesting!  You’re right, I didn’t type this, but I did adjust the spacing…LOL

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Feng Shui for Spring Time

By Rev. Vikki Anderson

Spring is a wonderful time to start cleaning out the yard, opening up the windows and letting the new fresh air of spring inside of your home and life.

With the new energy of the season, it is important to clear out the old stale energy from the winter and breathe new life into your environment.

Here are a few ways to bring in positive energy into your yard and home.

  1. Put up a small bird bath or water fountain near the front entrance.
  2. Hang beautiful chimes from trees, your deck or house gutters for a melodious sound to relax and calm you.
  3. Hang up whirl-i-gigs to promote positive chi to circulate around your property and remove any stagnant areas of dead or dying chi.
  4. Plant bulbs, annuals, perennials in bright colors.  To correctly place the right color in the right area of your yard or garden, follow the ba gua colors (see www.VikkiAnderson.com under Feng Shui).
  5. Burn white sage throughout your home, closets, bathroom, cellar, attic and around the house to ensure negative energy or negative chi is removed while keeping your windows in your home open to allow the negativity to escape from your surroundings.
  6. Place 60 MM aurora borealis crystals in windows that get the morning sun so that rainbows will dance on your ceiling and walls.  Each room should have many colors in it for balanced energy.
  7. Get rid of things you no longer need, want or like, so that you will have a clutter free space to enjoy and come home to each evening without feeling overwhelmed by the clutter.
  8. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your space and your mood.  Choose the proper color for the area of the ba gua you are painting; if you can’t, add a few decorative touches like pillows, books, candleholders, statues or paintings with the required colors in them.
  9. Let the light into your home.  Put up sheer curtains or pleated shades that can be opened from the top or bottom so you can maximize the sunlight and feel re-energized.
  10. Purchase a few Himalayan salt lamps, candle holders or prosperity bowls so their medicinal powers (helps with allergies, headaches, insomnia, depression and many more illnesses) and place them around your home to ensure your family’s continued good health.

For a private Feng Shui consultation, call Vikki at 973-492-3110 or email her at Starscape50@optonline.net or visit her website at http://www.fengshuimoon.com.

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by Vikki Anderson, Certified Professional Advanced Feng Shui Consultant

Bedrooms should have very yin energy – dark, quiet and calm energy.  This is where we renew ourselves after a hard day of work (or play) and we need a nurturing environment to help us receive the required sleep to function perfectly.  The bedroom should only be used for two purposes – sleeping and making love.  If you have computer or gym equipment in your bedroom, remove it as it is distracting to the two functions.

Dim lighting and setting aside an area in the bedroom where you (as a couple) could talk with your partner would be ideal.  You may even wish to have a seating area to read your book or have a nighttime snack before bed. Everything placed in the bedroom should be relaxed, liked or appreciated.  No loud art work or sculptures in this space.  Do not put   mirrors in this room;  however, a good sized mirror over the bureau or dresser is fine as long as it does not reflect the bed or you. Do the colors match the colors in the Bagua for this room?  If not, you can add accent pillow or afghan to make the flow of energy smoother and calmer. Are they refreshing to your soul?  Does everything feel comfortable?  Do you feel as if you can relax in your bedroom at the end of the day and leave the troubles of the world behind?

Note to those who are single and wish to marry or have a significant other…place two nightstands in your bedroom as well as two chairs to invite a partner into your life.  Place two lamps, pairs of anything such as geese, flowers, stars, hearts, etc., to help love find you.

Be sure that both of you like the wall color, curtains and bedspread.  If one of you does not like the colors, it would not be a comforting place for him or her to spend their evenings.  Compromise and enjoy your bedroom getaway.

Be sure your bedroom nourishing place for love, health, abundance and joy.

For a private Feng Shui consultation, call Vikki at 973-492-3110 or email her at Starscape50@optonline.net or visit her website at http://www.fengshuimoon.com.

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by Rev. Vikki Anderson, An Advanced Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

Bathrooms are very important in Feng Shui since they hold the largest drains in the home.  Money is represented by water whether it is a stream on your property, a leak in your pipes, a fish aquarium or a running fountain.  Water running down the drain means that money is draining out of your life or being flushed down the toilet.  That does not sound like a good prospect for the financially savvy person.

So men, close the lid to the toilet seat.  The intent is to keep the energy/money in the home, not losing it by letting the water run down the drain.

Keep shower curtains/doors closed at all times.

Place a bagua (eight sided mirror) outside of the bathroom door.  It could be placed above the trim of the door or on the door if it is secured.

A large beveled mirror can also be hung on the outside of the bathroom door reflecting the energy (chi) back your living space or office and in many instances, it gives the appearance of a larger more continuous space.

Another wonderful Feng Shui cure is to put a 60 mm round leaded crystal on the ceiling between the bathroom door and the toilet.  The intent is to deflect the energy from running down the sink or toilet and bouncing it back into the home.

A simple cure would be to keep the door closed at all times; however, it might be difficult to know when someone is using it.

Depending upon which gua your bathroom resides in, you may wish to use the colors of the specific area to amplify the positive effects of the bagua area.

Keep items in the area color coordinated with the area of the bagua.  For instance, if your bathroom is in your fame area, (the red colored and triangle shaped areas), you may wish to have red towels and coordinate it with red items with points such as gnomes with their red hats, red stars, red butterflies and how about a pointed leaf pattern on your shower glass door or a stained glass snowflake?  You can use this method for all the nine areas of the bagua.  You may also wish to keep red candles in this area since the element that governs this area is fire.

Do yourself a favor and get rid of old or mismatched bathroom towels and face cloths and have a unified look in your bathroom.

With these simple cures, you can be assured that your finances will be more secure and more prosperous opportunities will be available for you.

For a private Feng Shui consultation, call Vikki at 973-492-3110 or email her at Starscape50@optonline.net or visit her website at http://www.fengshuimoon.com.  Do not reprint all or part of this article without using author’s full name or web site url.    Copyright 2008-2010 with upcoming book entitled, “Feng Shui This!”

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Helpful People, Travel, Mentors, Benefactors and Masculine Energy

by Rev. Vikki Anderson

This is the last section of the ba gua. It is immediately to the right of the front entrance if the entrance is directly in the middle of the structure. This is the white, gray and black area which represents the Helpful People, Travel and Masculine Energy gua. This is the second gua that is ruled by metal. It correlates to the head in the human body. This area suggests a circular or round shape for optimum energy and positive chi.

This would be the perfect place for your office so that helpful people can assist you in developing your projects or business. This would also be a great travel area. Perhaps you travel for your business or wish to travel more for your business, then fixing up this area would be in order. Because this area is so close to the front door and the front of the house, many people will find you and bring in business. Never put any type of office in the rear of a home or building as it would take people a long time to find you. You want to be as close to the public or people as possible.

You can use white or different shades of gray as your metal filing cabinets. You can also use gray metal desk accessories. You can use those colors for your walls or accent colors. A tweed rug would help add texture to this area.

If you wish to travel, place travel posters, photos or paintings of places you would like to go or people you would like to meet.

A bookcase would be appropriate in your office space as well. Remember, books placed horizontally in a bookcase will bring in yin energy (calming energy) and placed vertically in the same bookcase will change the energy to yang energy (energizing energy) depending upon which energy you need for that area.

This is a forceful area bringing in masculine energy so make the most of this energy and accomplish your goals.

This area of your home or office should be organized, structured, uncluttered and well lit for optimum positive energy and opportunities. A round leaded crystal could be placed in the middle of the room hanging from the ceiling or in a window so that when the sun shines through it, you will have all the colors of the prism in that space – your ultimate goal.

For a private Feng Shui consultation, realtor staging or interior design, call Vikki at 570-215-4223 or email her at Starscape50@optonline.net or visit her website at http://www.fengshuimoon.com.  Do not reprint all or part of this article without using author’s full name or web site url.    Copyright 2008-2010 with upcoming book entitled, “Feng Shui This!”

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