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Feng Shui for Autumn

Feng Shui for Autumn by Vikki Anderson Autumn is a wonderful time to clean out your house of all the things you no longer need, want or like. Many garages or yard sales are going on in local neighborhoods and … Continue reading

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Fish Tanks in Feng Shui

Most people who are interested in Feng Shui know that water represents money in Feng Shui.  So what could be better than placing a water fountain or water feature in your career area as you walk into your space.  A … Continue reading

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Explanations of the Nine Star Ki Numbers

9 Star Years (beginning Chinese New Year: February 4) You can find your annual 9 Star Ki number in other posts on this site. Remember, if you were born prior to February 4, use the Ki number that is assigned … Continue reading

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Closets in Feng Shui

by Vikki Anderson What can we do with closets, you may ask?  You can do a lot of great things with them, so read and learn. First, I would de-clutter.  I know, you knew I was going to say that.  … Continue reading

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Book Cases

by Vikki Anderson Book Cases in Feng Shui Many of us have large bookcases filled with hard and soft cover books that we have read many years ago or with the ones we hope to read in the future.  Have … Continue reading

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Chinese Feng Shui Horoscope (for fun!)

This is a Chinese Feng Shui horoscope.  Take a moment to take this test!  If you are honest this tells the truth, it’s pretty accurate.  Write your answers on paper.  Find out your horoscope at the bottom. 1.  Which is … Continue reading

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Feng Shui for Spring Time

By Rev. Vikki Anderson Spring is a wonderful time to start cleaning out the yard, opening up the windows and letting the new fresh air of spring inside of your home and life. With the new energy of the season, … Continue reading

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by Vikki Anderson, Certified Professional Advanced Feng Shui Consultant Bedrooms should have very yin energy – dark, quiet and calm energy.  This is where we renew ourselves after a hard day of work (or play) and we need a nurturing … Continue reading

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by Rev. Vikki Anderson, An Advanced Certified Feng Shui Practitioner Bathrooms are very important in Feng Shui since they hold the largest drains in the home.  Money is represented by water whether it is a stream on your property, a … Continue reading

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Helpful People, Travel, Mentors, Benefactors and Masculine Energy

by Rev. Vikki Anderson This is the last section of the ba gua. It is immediately to the right of the front entrance if the entrance is directly in the middle of the structure. This is the white, gray and … Continue reading

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