Accomplishing Much While Staying Home with Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, one does things at work or at home in short times or by doing small chores. With us all having all this time to stay home with the Corvid-19 virus, you may want to try some of these suggestions:

Plan your day and what chores you want to accomplish and the time you will assign to them, such as: cleaning the microwave, fridge, ceiling fans, stove, etc.  You may want to do one of these each day or tackle them together.  It’s up to you.

Go onto your next task.

Making several meals in one day is a time saver and you can freeze all but today’s meal.

If you haven’t had time to bake, try making a treat for dinner.

Read your mail and sort it. Pay bills or read your magazines and catalogs.

Clean bookcase shelves one or two at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed with the chore and become sloppy with the rest of the shelves’ contents.

Run a virus protection program on your computer, defrag and delete unwanted emails, articles or pictures that you may no longer need which can take up space on the hard drive.

Go through your contact list from your computer and see who you can delete.  Certainly, the people you don’t write to any longer do not need to be in your contact list.  Update duplicate names and addresses.

Remember to delete your trash mailbox.  Usually, there are thousands of emails taking up valuable space on your computer.

If you have a hobby or interest, perhaps now is the time to dedicate one hour or two to it a few times per week to balance the work with pleasure.

Clean out a few drawers of your bedroom dresser each day until they are all neat. Also, clean out clothes that you will never fit into again and put it in a bag for a charity or church.  Keep similar colors of clothing together so you can pick an item out with ease when you know the color you want.

Go through your closet the same way. One day you can work on organizing or getting rid of purses and shoes that don’t fit or that you don’t like. Another day you can then work on clothes, and yet the next day you can organize the shelves above. In Feng Shui, the shelves above the area of the closet where you store your clothes and accessories are YOUR FUTURE.  If the shelves are jammed packed with stuff, your future looks glum with no positive opportunities available to you because there is no room for them to come to you.

What you should do is clear out and organize all the things in your house that represent your future; such as tops of bookcases, hutches, the shelves above each closet in your home, and leave a special cleared-out space for yourself.  It will just be your space.  Place a basket or wooden box there with all the things you would like for your future.  You may wish to find another job, so put your resume in the box.  You may want to remain happy in your marriage, so place a happy picture of you and your spouse.  You may wish to get married, so put magazine brides or pictures of people you know so the energy can be brought to you. Money is always needed so put money into the box that you won’t need as it gives the indication that you would like more money in your future.  If you put a few dollars in the box, you will get a few dollars back in return.  Start with a $20 bill if you can and add a few dollars every time you think about it.  Most importantly, you can put your wish list in there for the future…FOR THE GOOD OF ALL, I NEED: and then list what you truly need (good health, abundance in all things, happiness, good job, etc.  We are here to get what we want and it should not be on the list.

Clean out under the sink cabinets in the bathrooms and kitchen one each day.

Try writing, emailing or calling friends and family you haven’t been in touch with for some time.  It’s a good time to catch up on each other’s lives.

If this is a time to redecorate, handle one room or item at a time.  Do not overwhelm yourself.  That is the whole point of this article.  Things can get done even if you work on them for a short period of time each day.  One day, it will be completed.

You can decide how many items you wish to put on your list in one day, but make the list short.  The purpose is to get to things you never had time for and then have time left over for leisure activities with family and friends.

This is not the whole list.  Only you know what to put on your list, but don’t make it too long so that you feel defeated if you didn’t complete everything you wanted to.  I personally have 3-4 extra things on my daily list before I can play on the computer, Ipad or watch my TV shows.  Give yourself 15 minutes, half an hour or hour dedicated to each task.  If you don’t finish the item on your list, it will go on your list for tomorrow.  It gives you an incentive to do the jobs quickly and efficiently so that you will have that extra time for some well-deserved leisure. However, you will also have a feeling of accomplishment by the end of the week or month when you see all you have completed.

About Vikki Anderson Certified Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner Professional International Astrologer Professional Tarot Consultant Certified Hypnotherapist Interfaith Minister for all types of ceremonies including weddings, baptisms, etc. Writer/lecturer/teacher in metaphysics and parapsychology Certified Crystal Therapist Silva Mind International Graduate Author, Lecturer and Teacher of Metaphysics and Parapsychology
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