The Areas of the Bagua Explained

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Wealth Area of the Bagua

(far left area of your home)

Wealth. Nice word, isn’t it? We all wish we had more, but do we need MORE? In my opinion, having wealth is having enough money to pay your bills and to live comfortably. You live in a comfortable home and have the normal conveniences most people do. Yes, there will always be those people who need the best cars, the best vacation homes, the best travel plans, the best jobs, etc., and there will always be that type of person, but do you have to be one of them?

If you are satisfied with what you have, the universe will continue to bring you what you need. We may not get all of our “wants” in this lifetime, but as long as we have what we need, well, isn’t that exactly what we want? If not, it should be.

The wealth area of the ba gua is another one I usually get asked about. Wealth, money, prosperity, financial security or stability, investments, attracting more money, more ????? In this third dimensional plane we live in, yes, we need money to survive. So, I will give you some hints on how to attract more wealth into your life. It is very simple.

First off, the wealth area (also the empowerment and prosperity area) of your home is the far left corner of your house/apartment from the architectural front door. Many Feng Shui consultants use the whole area, but I like to use the area as close to the actual corner as possible. I think it brings in more power and energy. Do what feels comfortable to you.

This area needs the colors of blue, purple and red, so any combination of these colors would be very auspicious. This area also represents the hip and bones in the body, so if you are having any problems with this area of your body, be sure that this area of the ba gua is clutter free and in repair.

You want to have good light in this area (and be sure to turn the light on frequently to light up the wealth area) as well as many money cures such as the prosperity ball or coin ball, Chinese coins strung together on a cord with a red tassel, two bamboo flutes, live plants, and of course your money vase. Money vase, you ask? Yes, there is a little known feature as a simple money vase that actually attracts more money to you. Get an octagon mirror, a red napkin or cloth (not maroon, rose or magenta), and a clear glass vase that is wider at the top than at the bottom. Put coins and dollar bills from around the world, put money in it that you want to grow (I always keep the amount of one reading or a Feng Shui consultation in mine), put in jewelry that you don’t use but that is of good quality. You intent is to accumulate more money or wealth. You may keep adding to the money vase in whichever way you feel appropriate; however, be sure that the mirror is face up and that the red cloth goes over the mirror. Then place the vase over the mirror and cloth.

Another cure would be to hang paintings or photographs of waterfalls; I actually painted a great picture of a waterfall and another one of a panda bear eating bamboo so I have both pictures in the prosperity corner. I also have a good strand of silk flowers around the GOLD halogen floor lamp (anything that reminds you of $$$) and a money frog in the room facing that corner.

Another easy wealth cure is to have a fish tank with 9 fish in it placed in that corner (you can also add additional fish in 9 fish increments). Also, a small water fountain will bring money into your home, especially if you keep it turned on.

As long as you keep the energy balanced in this area, your financial security will become more stable and secure.


Fame and Future Area of the Ba Gua

(the middle of your rear wall)

So now, here we are at the third area of the ba gua in this series. Fame and future. What is fame? Does it mean you will be a famous movie star? Most likely not. What it does mean is that the reputation that you present to the world will be the issue. Do people trust you and find you to be an honest person. If so, do they give your name or phone number to someone who is looking for the type of service or merchandise you supply? Without positive word of mouth or networking about you or your business, it would take a very long time for your business to grow. By enhancing this area, you will have others think of you in a positive light and recommend your services. Of course, you have to be the honest and trustworthy person that they are recommending, so it is a two way street.

What does this have to do with your future? Well, if you are not doing well in business and do not have a good reputation, do you think your future will be positive? Most likely not. No one will trust you, refer your business or service and then finances collapse and it goes on and on. So, if you have a positive fame area, your future will be bright with many wonderful opportunities in the areas that will be in your best interest.

This is a RED area so find a pretty color red and no, not maroon or rose, just RED. This area is in the middle of your back wall in your space. Remember, the wealth area is to the far left and the partnership area is to the far right of your architectural front door, so this is in between them. My meditation room is in this area (along with a bathroom) so I had to do some fancy footwork to make it work. I painted three walls an earth tone yellowish beige, but the middle back wall is a deep red. It is accented with black and red throw pillows, red curtains, a red Japanese fan with a design, stained glass snowflakes, pointed red metal stars in the windows, bamboo as the curtain rod, my favorite Dieties (Buddha and Quan Yin on opposite sides of the room) and of course, a red cloth napkin under a red bowl which holds all of my precious crystals. I also have the appropriate cleansing bells and 4′ metal chimes in that room.

Next to my med room is the bathroom. I had recently remodeled my whole house (which has taken more than two years) to reflect the proper colors in each ba gua area and have updated or repaired things that were no longer functional or aesthetically pleasing. My bathroom was remodeled at the end of 2007. Because money always goes down the toilet or the drain in the bathroom, energy always needs to be uplifted in this area. Being it is in my fame area, I put pointed red metal stairs, fairies, a gnome with a red pointed cap on the toilet tank with a bowl of crystals next to it, bamboo is in a small ceramic container with red glass rocks. My soap dispenser, toothpaste holder and trash can area a beige with red butterflies on them. I also have a smaller version of the stained glass snowflake in that room. The slate tiles on the floor carry through into the shower in a pattern that goes half way across the white tiles (waist height) but at the rear wall, it goes straight up to meet the ceiling. Of course, the middle rear wall of the shower has the slate tiles up against the ceiling going across the whole wall meeting the other two sides that started at waist height and met it up at the top. The premise is that your eye follows the line of the slate and moves upward – so the energy in the bathroom would also move in an upward position. This will not allow the water or money to be wasted or discarded down the drains. I also purchased all new red bath and hand towels as well as face cloths and added a small red rug and a red cotton mat to use when I come out of the shower. I am certainly color coordinated now and ladies, make sure you love your bathroom and all the towels, curtains, shower curtain, items in there, especially if it is in the fame and future area. If you don’t like something in there, how will this bring positive energy to your future? It won’t.

Pointed objects should be in this area. Items like pyramids, stars, butterflies, snowflakes or anything else you can find that is pleasing to you but has points. This area also governs the eyes and head in the human body, so if you are having problems with these areas, fix up this space in your home.

By making some wise choices about this area, your business or career will improve, so will your self worth, self esteem, confidence and overall good health. People will see you in a more favorable light which will give you the confidence to move into a bright new future filled with unbelievable opportunities as well as a favorable business outlook.


Partnership Area of the Bagua

(far right hand corner of your home)

I was asked to do a 20 minute presentation on the relationship or partnership area of the ba gua at a bridal shower. Anyone who has had me as a teacher or heard me as a lecturer knows that I talk for 2-3 hours at a clip, so this was a real challenge. However, I am always up to challenges, especially when it was with such a nice group of women as this.

The first point I made was that in general, we all need to remove clutter from our homes as clutter does not allow positive chi (energy) to circulate throughout our space. With this positive chi, comes new opportunities, ventures, journeys, beginnings and a happier life. So if you don’t need, want or like an item in your home (including clothing that you haven’t worn in years!), get rid of it or donate it to a friend who could use it or a local charity.

Then I continued by adding that the front and back doors should be adorned with bells. The vibration of the bell will actually move energy around. So, every time someone comes into your home, they are bringing positive energy in to your space. Every time they leave your home as well, the vibrational rate will be higher due to the bell’s tones.

Another quick tip would be to have a 60 mm round lead crystal (Aurora Borealis) hanging on every ceiling fan you have to stop the energy from being cut up with the blades. This would deflect the energy from going to the blades (even if you don’t use the ceiling fan, the intent of the fan is to cut up energy). Fans cut up health, wealth, partnerships and happiness. So go out and get some crystals preferably hanging from a red cord in 9″ increments (9″, 18″, etc.).

Live plants throughout the house brings in the much needed “live” energy which sustains and nurtures us. Plastic or silk plants or trees are unacceptable unless they are so real that someone would have to go up to them to touch them to see if they are real or not.

Hang a bagua (eight sided or octagon shape) mirror outside of the bathroom. You can put it above the door trim or on the door itself if you can tape or hang it safely. A crystal should also be hung from the ceiling between the bathroom door and the toilet to deflect money from going down the toilet. Water is money or wealth in Feng Shui, so keeping the toilet lid closed is very important (tell your fella) and if you continuously let water run in the kitchen or bathroom sinks, you are making your money go down the drain. If you have leaks, fix them as you are losing money all day long.

The partnership area is in the far right corner of your space once you walk through the architectural front door. It doesn’t matter if you never use the front door (as many of us come into our homes through the garage), but for the placement of the ba gua, you must use the front entrance. You should at least open the front door once a day to let positive energy into your space. If you have a second floor, it’s the far right corner of the space as you come off of the staircase.

This area should be in pinks and reds. Objects in this area should be statues in pairs (two doves, two flowers, two pictures, two plants, two frames, one piece of sculpture with two people in it, two bamboo flutes, two crystals, etc.). This tells the universe that you want a romantic significant other or partner. Don’t do what a student of mine did. She made all of the necessary changes, especially in her partnership area and had many pairs of statues. She kept attracting new girlfriends. I asked if she were gay and she said no. So I went to her house to look at her statues, and yes, she had many of them — however, they were all adorning PINK ribbons, so that’s the partnerships she attracted – all feminine ones. Once we changed half of the ribbons to blue, she is now engaged to the man of her dreams! You must put a specific intent out to the universe so it knows what to give you.

Bamboo, whether it is pieces or live plants, is auspicious or important in every room. If you want to energize a room, just put up bamboo curtain rods. That’s what I did in my home so that each room has the sacred bamboo in it which brings luck and happiness. Not only is it lucky, but it really is a very impressive interior design.

The perfect item for this room is the Love Frogs. They are purple frogs facing each other with a Chinese coin in their mouths. These frogs stand for unity of spirit, identical energy and power, no secrets (because they are looking directly at each other) and the financial security is equal as well. This is always a nice gift to give to a bride and groom or in this case, at a bridal shower.

No knives or scissors should ever be left out including those butcher block knife sets that are left on the counters. Sharp items cut up health, wealth, happiness and partnerships.

I hope this gave you insight into the partnership area. I will be doing each area of the ba gua to help you understand that energy and what you can do to change it with just simple Feng Shui cures.


Family Life or Ancestors’ Area of the Bagua

(middle of the left wall)

We are now in the middle row of the ba gua. We’ve done the wealth, fame and relationships areas and now we are onto Community, Family Life and Grandparents (Ancestors).

This area should be in green tones and is represented by the wood element and a rectangular shape. The Family Life area also represents the feet, throat and buttocks in the body. So if you were having an issue with this part of your body, checking to see what is out of whack in this area of your floor plan would be appropriate. Is it cluttered? Does it have good energy flow? Enough lighting? Is it a pretty area where you can go to relax? Just some questions to ponder. If not, do something to make the space more Yin (calmer, quieter, and a more relaxed atmosphere).

This area is in the middle left wall of your space from the architectural front door. What a wonderful area to display family portraits or those of ancestors who may have passed on. This honors their spirit. Many people place family portraits on top of their fireplace mantel…not a good place to have family portraits in Feng Shui. The fire will burn or destroy the health of those you have placed on the mantel so be sure to remove them as soon as you can. Hang the photos on the wall in the Ancestor area on end tables or coffee tables so you can enjoy looking at them. Have them nicely framed in rectangular shaped frames for optimum good energy. It would be auspicious if the frames were varying shades of green.

You may also place items in this area that reflect what you do for the community or what attachment you may have to the community, whether it’s a sports team you’ve joined or maybe a sponsorship. Have you volunteered in your community? If so, any letters of recommendation, certificates you’ve earned or information obtained from that organization would be appropriate in this space.

You may, of course, place live plants (even the bamboo plants that live in water) in this area to enhance the space. Green curtains, walls, throw pillows, upholstery, bedding, (depending upon which room falls in this area), statues or calming water fountains would work out well and you would feel a sense of peace walking into this area.

Kindness is represented by this gua. Being kind to others and helping those less fortunate would be a good use of this energy.


Health, Unity and Well Being Area

of the Ba Gua

(Center of Your Space)

So now we are in the exact middle of the ba gua or your floor plan. This represents the health area. The colors in this area should be yellow and earth tones. It reflects a calm area in your home and should be yin in nature. The shape for this area of the gua is square and the body parts it represents are the stomach and spleen. This area like all others should be clutter free.

When I had an emergency gall bladder surgery last winter, the doctor said I healed faster than most and was amazed. I really didn’t want to tell him that it was because my living room (in the health area) was clutter free, newly redecorated and I had just purchased new furniture. He knows I am an astrologer and teach tarot and metaphysics, so I didn’t want to concern him any more!

Everything was in order, thus, my health was in order very quickly after my ongoing illness which lasted for over two years. I was diagnosed with acid reflux and on three medications for a year which of course did nothing since I never had acid reflux. Then, I was told I had an ulcer but because I was very sick and couldn’t eat anything, they wanted me to wait until I returned from China to get an endoscopy and cat scan (getting another Feng Shui certification in China Studies). I did lose thirty pounds without being able to eat – not a healthy way of dieting, but I still appreciated the weight loss. Within a week of returning to the USA, I had a horrible attack, went to the emergency room and was admitted for gall bladder issues and pancreatitis. It was interesting to me that once the health area was completely and accurately Feng Shui’d, my illness came to light and forced me deal with the issues at hand. Then, after the successful operation, I was home and felt much better. Everything worked smoothly without incident.

This area in my home is my living room which has lots of light, all the proper cures, colors and shapes. It’s so wonderful to see Feng Shui in action.

What can you do to make that area in your life easier to handle? Think about what you can do to keep yourself healthy. Can you eat better food, perhaps organic? Do you exercise, walk around the neighborhood, walk the dog or go to the gym (or do you just sit home on your butt and watch TV)? Can you clean up any messes left in that area? Can you ask others to keep it clean as well? Are the colors correct or do you at least have the earth tones as accents in the room? Live plants, water fountains, a 60 mm crystal hanging from the ceiling or window and perhaps a statue of Buddha or Quan Yin would be appropriate to protect your health. Any Diety you prefer is certainly acceptable.

This is the calm area of the gua so make it a place where you can reflect, meditate or just relax. Once you do this, you will find that your health issues will be resolved quickly. Stress, exhaustion, being overwhelmed, confused or indecisive will be thing of the past.


Creativity, Children and Feminine Energy

of the Ba Gua

(right middle wall of your home)

Now we are on the last section of the middle of the ba gua called the Creativity, Children and Feminine energy section. This section is to the middle right of your space from the architectural front door. The colors in this area should be white, silver or gold, it represents the metal energy and for the physical body, it represents the mouth, head and lungs. It also correlates to courage.

This is an interesting area in my home as it falls in my kitchen. Without knowing Feng Shui at the time when I redesigned and redecorated my kitchen, I changed all of the hardwood dark cabinets, which were ceiling to floor on three walls, to white and lighter cabinet doors. Immediately, the space felt lighter and bigger. It really made a big difference in the way others viewed this space and I found myself entertaining my kitchen a lot more than usual.

I put up white lace curtains to keep the sunlight coming through the windows and keeping the space bright! I put many circle or round shaped items in this space. I am currently giving my oval dining room table to my daughter who is moving to a new apartment and I will replace it with a glass and metal round table with wrought iron chairs and white cushions. I have many round potted plants here and many items which represent my creativity on the outer wall in that space.

I remember years ago before I was certified in Feng Shui, I had writer’s block. So one of my friends actually put paper and pens in that area for me to get the spark back into my writing. Within a day, I was writing up a storm. I also have pictures of my daughter in that area and some of her artwork to ensure that her well being is stable and happy.

Of course, there is a white ceiling fan in this space, so I made such I was protected from it by placing a large 60 mm round crystal and blessed Quan Yin bell hanging from it. Ceiling fans cut up health, wealth and happiness, but in this area, it is more likely to cut up the creativity and issues dealing with children, etc. So, that is a good reason to protect the effects of the fan. I also have another blessed bell on the back door leading out onto the porch so that when that door is opened or closed, my space also gets blessings.

This is an interesting space since it relates to so many areas in the ba gua. Make it a clutter free, organized and give it positive intent so that the blessings will flow your way.


The Self Cultivation, Knowledge, Wisdom, Education and Contemplation

Area of the Ba Gua

(left area as soon as you come into the entrance)

Here we are on the last third of the ba gua. This portion of the ba gua is in the left hand corner of your space as you come into the architectural front door. This area guides your knowledge, wisdom, education and contemplation areas of life. The colors that rule this area are black, blues and greens. It relates to the hands in the human body and the element is earth.

This is a perfect area for self cultivation; that means that any type of process, information or tools that can help you with your job, your home projects, your education, your knowledge and your beliefs in this lifetime should be placed in this area. What a great area for a study or library. This could also be a viable area for your home office as long as you have lots of helpful items in this area whether it is software programs or textbooks to help you with your business or school work.

What can you do if this area is not perfect for a self help area. You can always put a few books of your interests in your bedroom, TV room, dining room, etc. You can also have some of your favorite items that help you in your areas of interest including hobbies and projects or formal education like textbooks, etc.

The Self Cultivation area is just that. It requires items in it that will help you improve your skills, hobbies, test results and areas of expertise, etc. It could also be a great place to hang posters of places you would like to study (i.e., universities, learning centers, foreign languages or foreign lands) especially if you feel they will help you move forward to obtaining your goals.

Of course, this area should be well lit (without it being lit, there is no emphasis in this area) and it should be comfortable and quiet. It should be an area where you yourself will feel as if you are being cultivated for something special. It should be an area where you attain knowledge in some discipline or area.

Again, make sure it is clutter free, organized, have your desk or chair diagonally facing the door for optimum security and that you have a complete view of the whole room from your desk or chair.

This is one of the entrance gua’s to a space – this is the gua that is used if the entrance is to the left of your home as opposed to the middle or right side.


Life’s Journey, Career and Business Success

in the Ba Gua*

(Middle outside door to your home/apartment)

This is the simplest part of the ba gua to find. If the architectural front door is in the middle of your home, as soon as you open the door, you have arrived. It is the Life’s Journey, Career and Business Success area. This gua is controlled by the water element. It requires unusual shapes, abstract, wavy lines or any shape that has not been mentioned in the other guas. Its color is black or dark tones. It correlates to the ears, blood or kidneys in the human body and refers to the quality of gentility.

This area is where you should have everything in order to attract positive opportunities for your business, your life journeys and your success. The first thing I recommend is a round black rug as soon as you walk into the door. If you cannot find one, at least get a half moon rug. These shapes pool the energy for your business in this area. This area could also use abstract art, black metal furniture or a water fountain. Live plants or bamboo shoots in water would also be auspicious.

When you walk into this space, you should have a clear view of your home or office. If there is a wall directly in front of you, you will be blocked in everything you try to accomplish in business. You should get a lovely mirror (as large as you can for the space) to bring in the outdoors or to allow you to see a beautiful scene as you walk into your space.

Be sure to have a blessed bell on the door to move the chi around every time you enter your home. You should use your front entrance way each day, even if you come in through the garage into your home. Get your mail or water your plants, etc., through this entrance/exit way.

Chimes or whirligigs are very appropriate here too. The chimes will move the energy outside of your door and allow it to come in once you enter or exit your space. Also, an outdoor water fountain, bird bath or perhaps even a lovely metal pair of cranes could adorn your front yard right outside your front door.

The outside of this area should be clear and neat. Be sure there are plenty of flowers outside of this area, especially if your walkway is a straight one. This would send poison arrows towards your home which brings negative energy or leaves positive opportunities outside of your home. If your walkway is a straight one from your front door to the street or sidewalk, then break up the poison arrows with potted plants in an irregular pattern on the sidewalk or place them in a zigzag pattern on your front steps. Geraniums are the best potted plants for this area. Marigolds and roses are the worst. Marigolds kill insects (or opportunities) and roses have thorns which will also hurt your chances at accomplishing something positive.

Make this a light and enjoyable area where people will feel comfortable and safe. You may also have a Quan Yin or Buddha statue facing the front door for protection, chimes inside of the front door area and a money toad with its back towards the front door facing to the extreme back left of your space. This would encourage wealth or continued prosperity from your business.

It’s easy to make this area of the ba gua a positive one. What other ideas do you have for this area?

*A left door would bring you into the Knowledge and Spirituality section.

*A right door would bring you into Travel, Mentors and Benefactors’ section.


Helpful People, Travel, Mentors, Benefactors & Masculine Energy

(right side of your space coming in from the front door)

This is the last section of the ba gua. It is immediately to the right of the front entrance if the entrance is directly in the middle of the structure. This is the white, gray and black area which represents the Helpful People, Travel and Masculine Energy gua. This is the second gua that is ruled by metal. It correlates to the head in the human body. This area suggests a circular or round shape for optimum energy and positive chi.

This would be the perfect place for your office so that helpful people can assist you in developing your projects or business. This would also be a great travel area. Perhaps you travel for your business or wish to travel more for your business, then fixing up this area would be in order. Because this area is so close to the front door and the front of the house, many people will find you and bring in business. Never put any type of office in the rear of a home or building as it would take people a long time to find you. You want to be as close to the public or people as possible.

You can use white or different shades of gray as your metal filing cabinets. You can also use gray metal desk accessories. You can use those colors for your walls or accent colors. A tweed rug would help add texture to this area.

If you wish to travel, place travel posters, photos or paintings of places you would like to go or people you would like to meet.

A bookcase would be appropriate in your office space as well. Remember, books placed horizontally in a bookcase will bring in yin energy (calming energy) and placed vertically in the same bookcase will change the energy to yang energy (energizing energy) depending upon which energy you need for that area.

This is a forceful area bringing in masculine energy so make the most of this energy and accomplish your goals.

This area of your home or office should be organized, structured, uncluttered and well lit for optimum positive energy and opportunities. A round leaded crystal could be placed in the middle of the room hanging from the ceiling or in a window so that when the sun shines through it, you will have all the colors of the prism in that space – your ultimate goal.

About Vikki Anderson Certified Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner Professional International Astrologer Professional Tarot Consultant Certified Hypnotherapist Interfaith Minister for all types of ceremonies including weddings, baptisms, etc. Writer/lecturer/teacher in metaphysics and parapsychology Certified Crystal Therapist Silva Mind International Graduate Author, Lecturer and Teacher of Metaphysics and Parapsychology
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