Spirit Energy in Trees

Spirit Energy in Trees

I had a lovely 50′ tall Japanese Red Maple tree in front of my house for over 28 years. Unfortunately, two years ago, it died from a beetle infestation and had to be removed. I was really sad that the tree could not be saved and then felt that the energy in the front yard was somehow changed. I couldn’t quite understand why the energy was different, but it was. It felt lifeless, cold and stagnant.

Talking to some energy experts, I discovered I was correct. When trees are removed from your property (forest, etc.), you should ask the tree spirit to leave all of its energy in the ground, thus in your property. I was unaware of this so never asked the tree to leave its spirit or essence behind and now it is lost; that seemed to be the energy fluctuation I had felt for almost a year until it was replaced by other flowers and trees.

Then a miracle happened. Some saplings started to sprout in the front yard, just little tiny 1″ sprouts that had come from the mother tree. I had collected them for two years and placed them in a large planter; then they still surprised me by occasionally popped up on my property after all of this time. I am especially proud of the 2 stronger saplings which are now 1′ high each. I had transplanted them in the front yard and then worried if one of them was too close to my house, not only it’s physical presence but also from a Feng Shui point of view. I was assured by many that Japanese Maples take many, many years to grow and that most of my yard (and I) would be fossilized before I had to worry about this 1′ tree taking over the front lawn. I also planted it askew to the front door so it would allow energy to flow into the house every time I open the front door (apparently as it will for a very long time period until it grows!).

Normally, trees blocking the front entrance is not preferred and definitely is not good Feng Shui. One wants a flowing energy pattern that can enter the house without obstacles in the way, such as a large tree in line with the front door.

I had also put two ads on Craigslist to remove some day lilies and yucca plants as I was clearing out those two gardens (one was going to be home to the smaller Japanese Maple Tree) and within a half of an hour of putting up the ad, I had people in my yard digging up the plants and carting them away on Memorial Day! That goes to show you that many people are looking to adorn their property with various forms of greenery but also that FREE is a great price. So if you want to move some plants or trees from your property, or maybe get some, check out that site. It’s helped me a lot and it’s free to advertise.

I was not particularly in love with the yucca plants and actually felt better that their energy was now going to be in someone else’s yard. I did ask the day lilies to keep their spirit energy with my property – which I believe they have since I did not notice a drop in the energy field in front of my house as I did with my tree. I also feel better about not having the yucky yucca plants (I’m not fond of them) in my front garden. So it seemed to work out well on both counts.

Trees have very special spirits and should be considered as intelligent energy fields and not just a tree. Ancient myths spoke of Oak Tree spirits or entities that guarded the person living on the property. Being I have 48 red oaks on my property, I feel I am very blessed and protected.

Plant trees on your property for good chi (or positive energy). Keep them pruned and healthy. Many nurseries can tell you which birds inhabit specific trees, so if you want to attract more wildlife into your yard or area, consult a professional. Otherwise, any tree can be a home to a host of birds who live in this part of the country or who are passing through on their way to migratory destinations. Birds always bring positive energy to your home, so feed them frequently as I do and keep clean water in a bird bath that they can use each day. The fluttering of their wings moves the stagnant or negative energy that may be on your property. Also, remember chimes or windsocks are a good remedy for negative chi on property as well.

Live plants, flowers and trees are fundamental to good Feng Shui. The prettier the plant or flower, the nicer the energy that flows towards your home and family. Be mindful of the flower colors you chose for each area of your yard. Following the ba gua’s suggestion for colors is always helpful and preferred. This is the season to plant trees and flowers on your property – have you planted anything yet?

Spirit Energy in Trees – Part II

It has been more than four years after my favorite maple tree had to be taken down because of a beetle blythe. I have three of it’s offspring lovingly cared for on my property and they range from between one foot to three feet tall. They are bundled up for the winter and will once again bring me a lot of pride and pleasure when I see them in the spring.

Recently, I had to have trees removed from my yard because some were obviously dead, others had huge dead branches hanging over my roof (and I needed a new roof and the roofers suggested removing any potential future danger to the expensive repair) and I wanted many of the very tall oaks trimmed so that more light and air would be able to circulate throughout my property.

I had walked throughout my property and touched each tree the evening before and on the morning of the tree removal. I told them that this was best for them and the property that this landscaping be done. I explained that it would be healthier for them because with dead branches being removed, more nutrients would be able to feed the healthier parts of the tree. I also asked that they would leave any energy that they could into the earth so that I (or they) would feel no difference in the vibrational levels of the land. I asked each and every tree which took me a very long time, but I didn’t want them to be concerned or upset about the men’s presence.

The tree removal men were wonderful, knew what they were doing and were very efficient. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how many dead branches I had on my 38 trees, so many trees were trimmed up quite a bit – almost three quarters of the height of the tree. My daughter, the ornithologist, was in a hissy fit saying that the canopy was now ruined and she would have to find another site for her research studies. What is funny is that my daughter married seven years ago and does not live with me, but she still thinks she has a say in the only other home she knew – kids are funny, aren’t they? I really don’t see the difference in the bird population here on the property and feed them every day, just like I’ve always done — but what do I know, I’m just a mother, lecturer, author, artist, web master, metaphysician and international teacher and not an ornithologist!

The men removed three huge dead trees and with that, the sun was able to shine on my house and in the yard. Hopefully with the upcoming spring, we won’t have so much moss and mushrooms on the property any longer.

Throughout subsequent thunder storms, more dead branches had fallen on the house (smaller ones, thankfully) so I am glad that I had the wherewithal to have the tree removal specialists do what they do best. I had also been informed that I have another huge dangerously dead and decaying oak leaning towards a neighbor’s house and two smaller ones with holes in the bottom of them which should be removed in the next year or two, but I will worry about that at another time.

With the winter weather coming, I am so glad I did take care of a potentially dangerous situation, but I am also glad that I asked the trees to leave their beautiful energy on my property because it now feels almost identical to the way it was before the tree removal.












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