Nine Star Ki Number Explanations

(Beginning of Chinese New Year: approximately February 4)

You can find your annual 9 Star Ki number in other posts on this site. Remember, if you were born prior to February 4, use the Ki number that is assigned to the previous year. For example, a person born on January 8, 1953, is a 3 Tree.

According to Nine Star Ki, we embody the Ki characteristics of the year in which we were born. For example, a person born after February 4th, 1950, is said to be a “Five Soil” person. Someone born in 1978 is a Four Tree individual, and so on.

The Number 1 White Water Person

It is good to tap into this person’s insight. Being the most yang number, they can be very comfortable when engaged in worldly pursuits, but are strongly attracted to the yin, spiritual aspects of life. This combination gives the 1 Water person a very strong intuition.

These individuals can have a very subdued appearance but, inside, they are very strong.

The evolved One Water seeks out people, religions, books; any means that will provide structure in their life. This inherent drive for structure does not come about because the 1 Water is a weak person. On the contrary, like water, this personality is very flexible and can flow in virtually any direction. Therefore the search is for definition, not to be pampered or held back.

One Waters are very interested in observing others and in sexual relationships. They can keep their thoughts and feelings well hidden, but have a deep respect for the art of communication and are excellent listeners.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Kidneys, bladder and reproductive system

Positive Traits:  Independent, intuitive, good at concentration, diplomatic, adaptable, cool, serious, careful, insightful, social, self-protective, industrious, patient, adaptable, hardworking, intimate, self-conscious, courageous, strong willed, assertive, confident, inspired, serene, reflective.

Negative Traits:  Stagnant, contemptuous, manipulative, stubborn, obstinate, unable to adapt easily, tenacious, worried, disdainful, overbearing, insecure, fear, victim mentality, defensive, paranoid, solitude, loneliness, overconfident, feels isolated.

The Number 2 Black Soil Person

It is good to have a 2 Soil around when there is work to be done. These people are consistent, steadfast and can be very supportive. But they should not be mistaken for blind followers. They have strong ideals and are public minded. Historically, there are many well remembered 2 Soil leaders, such as Lincoln, Kennedy and Tenzin Gyatso (The Dalai Lama).

Because the evolved 2 Soil plays such a supporting role, they sometimes find it difficult to say “no” to the requests and invitations of others, even when they would rather be alone or resting. In fact, it is advisable that they create some quiet time for rejuvenation. They find it difficult to hide from the activities of the world for too long, though, due to their thirst for social interaction.

2 Soils are not the “get rich quick” type, but they can find great prosperity through long, steady effort. Because of their social, hard working nature, they make excellent teachers.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Stomach, pancreas, spleen

Positive Traits:  Steady, stable, secure, delicate, of service to others, caring, sacrificing, dependent, diligent, delicate, maternal, accurate, supportive, feminine, shrewd, conservative, nourishing, observing, dedicated, devotion, systematic, detail-minded, social, sympathy, understanding, compassionate, receptive, methodical.

Negative Traits: Perfectionism, meticulous, conservative, envious, irritated, suspicious, egotistical, cynical, sceptical, jealous, shrewd, irritable, stubborn, discriminating, aloof, doubtful, overly fastidious.

The Number 3 Green Tree Person (3 Wood)

A good person to see for fresh insights and new opinions. As their rising energy suggests, 3 Trees are very active. They like to explore and to choose their own path. The 3 Tree personality is honest to a fault and is, not always, as tactful as one may wish. But their adventurous spirit and their joyful attitude towards life can attract many people. Due to their active nature (tight spiral), many 3 Tree individuals have firm, yang bodies.

People born in the 3 Tree position like to win, but evolved 3 Trees also have the capacity to truly feel joy when others succeed. This being the case, fully adjusted 3 Trees are extremely pleased when “everyone wins” and, for this reason, can be very effective leaders.

Three Trees often act spontaneously and, sometimes, with insufficient consideration of the details. Therefore, they learn through experience. They make good performers.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Liver and gallbladder

Positive Traits:  Patience, flexible, tolerant, susceptible, stamina, insightful, outgoing, accessible, active, optimistic, progressive, creative, advancing, frank, straight forward, intense, passionate, sensitive, talkative, passionate, extrovert, uncomplicated.

Negative Traits:  Explosive, inflexible, intolerable, brash, frank, bold, aggressive, impatient, rash, hasty, self-pity, upset, alienating, prejudice, preoccupied with trivial matters.

The Number 4 Dark Green Tree Person (4 Wood)

Four Trees make good experts. They can provide very powerful advice, concerning issues that dwell within their field of expertise. However, their response to questions that are outside of their normal studies may be less practical. The archetype of the absent- minded professor comes to mind.

Four Tree people have a great love for life and they like to focus upon those aspects that can provide the deepest personal meaning. Therefore, they tend to be romantics, idealists or musicians and are not especially appreciative of oppressive situations. If conditions necessitate that a 4 Tree become an expert in a field that is of little personal interest, they will be miserable.

Because of their capacity for analytical thought and devotion to a specific field of study, genius can be expressed in many different ways. Albert Einstein and Jimi Hendrix were, both, 4 Trees.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Liver and gallbladder

Positive Traits:  Tender, confident, controlled, reputable, prudent, adaptable, liberal, flexible, compassionate, smooth mannered, emotional, harmonious, open, creative, adaptable, social, and affectionate.

Negative Traits:  Too impulsive, stubborn, evasive, calculating, uncontrolled, changeable, not able to adapt easily, reckless, hypersensitive, moody, inflexible, scattered, self-centered, impractical, manipulative, meticulous, and indecisive.

The Number 5 Yellow Soil Person

A good manager and controller of ventures, projects and households. The 5 Soil can be found in all walks of life, from the very humble to the highest circles of wealth and power. Wherever they are, events and people tend to center around them. It is not as if they are in the limelight and they are not necessarily the center of attention. But they possess a power and control to such an extent that it would be difficult for the other 8 types to fathom. They are inscrutable.

If you are not a Five Soil person, the best time to get an idea of their characteristics is when you occupy the 5 Soil annual position. When you are in the position of another number, you take on some of the attributes that are associated with that personality. Since 5 Soils are in the “center”, both positive and negative situations move towards them. It is their nature to make use of the good aspects and to turn the other energies away, or to manage them into a more beneficial state.

Five Soils collect things. Some collect people and build large organizations. Some collect stamps.

The evolved 5 Soil knows they are a 5 Soil. Not necessarily because they have studied Nine Star Ki. They come to know that their thoughts and actions can have a profound influence upon the well-being of others and they use their energy towards that end. Being the balancing influence, they don’t appreciate sudden change, so time is required for new ideas and directions to take root.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Stomach, pancreas, spleen

Positive Traits: Independent, strong, assertive, constructive, controlling, proud, persistent, humane, determined, resolute, talented and artistic.

Negative Traits:  Egoistic, bold, destructive, late maturing, stubborn, destructive, forceful, irritated, aggressive, self indulgent, calculating, set in their views and ways of doing things.

The Number 6 White Metal Person

This person is good for providing solidarity and purpose to a group or an event. Six Metals have a strong sense of ethical propriety. Choosing a practical approach over idealism, they can be strict and strong willed when applying their authority.

Many mechanics, machinists, mechanical engineers and jewelers are 6 Metals. The evolved Six Metal is socially oriented, working for the good of the team or family. They share their opinions on life by setting a strong example through their behavior, rather than verbalizing their ideas. They are good financial managers and they excel at producing finished products.

Most 6 Metals are “main stream” thinkers, with little interest or belief in methods that are not “tried and true”. But, they can have very strong powers of intuition, in and of themselves. In some cases, this intuitive nature can become so profound that some would call it psychic.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Lungs, Large Intestine

Positive Traits:  Holistic approach, leadership, will power, organized, stylish, judicious, loyal, faithful, prudent, perfectionist, magnanimous, dignified, perseverance, convincing, trustworthy, proud, rational, ethical, determined, merciful, nobility, considerate.

Negative Traits:  Depressed, non social, controlling, stubborn, opinionated, sadness, complaining, hurt, melancholy, stubborn, rigidity, sentimental, defensive, calculating, offensive, moralist, inconsiderate, tenacious, insecure, merciless, uncompromising, unyielding.

The Number 7 Red Metal Person

It is good to turn to this person for extravagance and fun. This is the energy of early evening, of the setting sun, and the 7 Metal personality reflects the sensual nature of the times. Therefore, this person will be interested in the morays and fashions of the day and their interest will, often, be exemplified in their clothes, jewelry and hairstyle. These individuals may appear to be emotional and superficial, on the surface, but inside they are solid. The evolved Seven Metal is very organized and will have a practical response to almost any situation. This mode of operation provides balance to an, otherwise, exorbitant and overly emotional state of being. They are masters of oratory and can sway opinions with their voice.

Due to their natural sensuality and general attractiveness, Sevens are easily noticed and are often promoted quickly through the ranks of an organization. While they can be extremely practical and patient, they flourish best when receiving the attention and support of others.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Lungs, Large Intestine

Positive Traits:  Easy going, joyful, happiness, social, flexible, talkative, energetic, sensitive, passionate, polished, entertaining, indulgent, resourceful, expressive, persuasive, uncomplicated, optimistic and exuberant.

Negative Traits:  Stubborn, stormy, egoistic, extravagant, hyper sensitive, arrogant, conceited, self-important, superior, overconfident, nervous, complicated, calculating, shy, over indulged, spoiled, needs to be the center of attention.

The Number 8 White Soil Person

This person is good for anything that fits in with their plans. Usually, their plans include lending a helpful hand to any and everyone. Eight Soils are kind hearted, fair minded and family oriented. However, when they feel an injustice has been performed, they are quick to speak out and take remedial action. These individuals alternate between periods of reserved, deep activity and extroverted interaction. They are deep thinkers and boisterous revelers.

The evolved Eight Soil will study important issues before taking action. They often have a very straightforward set of plans, concerning their career moves and what they want to accomplish next. But, they are not afraid to become involved with new ideas and directions. They are intrepid travelers and make excellent road companions. They move around in life. Eight Soils love family. Even if their experiences keep them from settling down at an early age, the thought of family is always there. As they age, their deep love and respect for elders grows.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Stomach, pancreas, spleen

Positive Traits:  Seeking, striving, persistent, sympathy, wealthy, abundant, is good at saving, energetic, adventurous, tenacious, curious, revolutionary, self motivating, ambitious.

Negative Traits:  Suspicious, antipathy, jealous, arrogant, sceptical, opinionated, stagnated, self indulgent, materialistic, greedy, possessive, obstinate, straightforward and pretentious.

The Number 9 Purple Fire Person

This person is good for developing new ideas and initiating fresh activities. But, in order to reach a successful conclusion, their path must be well defined. Like Fire, they attract a lot of attention and can be very charismatic. Their temperament can change quickly, so it is sometimes difficult to know what the mood will be, next. Outgoing and enthusiastic, these individuals are brilliant on the surface but, often, concise plans and opinions have not been carefully thought out.

The evolved Nine Fire will use their good fortune, charisma and outgoing nature to develop a business or profession that will balance their somewhat chaotic existence with the more substantial, material aspects of life. They have learned to channel their flamboyant nature, to obtain the required social approval and support. Many 9 Fires are very successful in public relations and sales positions. Often, Nine Fires have difficulty settling down in a long term job or marriage.

Related Body Parts and Organs:

Heart and small intestines

Positive Traits:  Calm, proud, foresight, honorable, intelligent, successful, generous, charismatic, enlightened, brightness, holistic, embracing, tasteful, stardom like quality, medium, fullness, intuitive, proud, enlightened, impulsive, vain, distinguished, colorful, witty, expressive.

Negative Traits:  Stormy, self-concerned, impulsive, vain, fickle, hyperactivity, flamboyant, stormy, silent, over emotional, inconsiderate, repetitive, superiority, self absorbed. 

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