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Nine Star Ki Number Explanations

(Beginning of Chinese New Year: approximately February 4) You can find your annual 9 Star Ki number in other posts on this site. Remember, if you were born prior to February 4, use the Ki number that is assigned to … Continue reading

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Spirit Energy in Trees

Spirit Energy in Trees I had a lovely 50′ tall Japanese Red Maple tree in front of my house for over 28 years. Unfortunately, two years ago, it died from a beetle infestation and had to be removed. I was … Continue reading

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What Inspires You to Feng Shui?

I was approached by a columnist to talk about Feng Shui and what could possibly inspire one to, say, redecorate a house. She asked, “Can you be inspired by a photograph, a color, a picture, furniture or lighting fixtures?” I … Continue reading

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What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui literally means wind and water. In essence, this practice works with the chi or energy of the land or buildings and how it interacts with individuals. Feng Shui is believed by many to promote prosperity, good health and … Continue reading

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Interior Design (FS) Tips

The terms feng shui design and feng shui decorating are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two.  Think of it this way: You would call in a professional designer if you were redoing your outdated kitchen, … Continue reading

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The Areas of the Bagua Explained

Wealth Area of the Bagua (far left area of your home) Wealth. Nice word, isn’t it? We all wish we had more, but do we need MORE? In my opinion, having wealth is having enough money to pay your bills … Continue reading

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