Does Any Of This Make A Difference?

My younger brother was a metaphysician before me, but as the years went by, he married and had children and held down a meaningful teaching job in his hometown.  He frequently was chosen as Teacher of the Year and became a workaholic. Throughout the process of becoming a pillar in the community, he became more and more cynical of spiritual matters.

I spoke to his Honors English class a few years ago about Fairies, at his request, for a mythology section they were doing and he was very supportive and interested (I’m sure for the children’s sake).  The girls in the class had interesting questions about did I see fairies or what could they do to invite fairies onto their property, home, and into their lives, etc.  I remember the Captain of the Football team looking as if everyone was crazy talking about faires and he asked, “Does your family believe in all this fairy stuff?”  I looked at my brother and asked, “Well, do you believe in faires?”  It was hysterical.  He hadn’t told his class that we were related and his answer surprised me.  He replied, “Everyone has their own beliefs, but I will tell you that when you go to my sister’s house, the energy on her property and in her home is very calm and feels magical.”  I was in shock.  I added, “Let me just tell you that my brother was a metaphysician before I was.”  He replied, “And now I am just a grumpy old man.”

We talk about things from time to time (as my brother doesn’t like to communicate his thoughts being a Scorpio) and he asked me an interesting question a few months ago.   “Do all of your beliefs, your Feng Shui cures, the blessings you do and the astrology and tarot you use actually change your life for the better?”

Wow.  That was an interesting question.  I know that when I declutter the house, things run more smoothly in my life.  I know when I do a house blessing a few times a year, the energy seems lighter and more positive.  I feel that the energy moves around in the correct manner when I put up a Feng Shui cure in the appropriate area of the house/bagua.  Using astrology and tarot does give me options for my future so I can make the best choices for my family and me.

However, I am not sure that the actual belief system changes my life for the better.  I have a better attitude about life and things that happen in general. The better the attitude, the more positive energy and opportunities you attract to yourself.  Hmm.  I had to think about that.  I still have the same financial obligations I’ve always had, but it seems that business comes more steadily when I am in a better frame of mind and then I have the money to pay things on time.  My life seems to be going well.  I am engaged to a wonderful man and we are planning a positive future together, even though we are dealing with house repairs before the wedding.  Replacing the roof was an unexpected expense we did not need; however, the house was starting to leak after each rain storm at the bay window, over my head at the computer and the TV room ceiling nearly caved in.  Water is money in Feng Shui, so repairing the roof (attic and the roof represent one’s future) gives us a solid worry free future without unexpected expenses or other loss of money or income.  That’s a good thing.

So does any of this make a difference?  I believe it does.  If you are depressed and negative, your future will be the same.  If you believe in a God or Goddess, spirit guides or Guardian Angels or a different modality such as tarot, astrology, numerology, palmistry, Reiki, astral projections, hypnotherapy, past life regression, Feng Shui, crystal therapy, etc., these are the things that give you a positive attitude and hope for the future. It helps you know that things are for a purpose and that we are all part of the plan, whatever that plan may be.

Only a positive attitude attracts positive opportunities for your future.  Conversely, a negative attitude attracts more negativity and fears, doubts, worries, anxieties and procrastination into your life which eventually causes more issues and problems.

Believe in something.  Have a positive attitude and your life will be happier and you will feel as if the world is a wonderful place to live rather than a hurdle to jump over day after day.  So, does any of this make a difference?  I believe so. If you are negative and depressed and believe in nothing, what can your future hold except more of the same negativity you are attracting now.  A positive attitude, any of your belief systems which add to this positive attitude, is very important to bring the wonderful possibilities of a positive future to your family, friends and most importantly, yourself!

Any or all of this article may be reproduced with mention of the author’s name or website  Copyright 2010.

About Vikki Anderson Certified Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner Professional International Astrologer Professional Tarot Consultant Certified Hypnotherapist Interfaith Minister for all types of ceremonies including weddings, baptisms, etc. Writer/lecturer/teacher in metaphysics and parapsychology Certified Crystal Therapist Silva Mind International Graduate Author, Lecturer and Teacher of Metaphysics and Parapsychology
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