by Vikki Anderson, Certified Professional Advanced Feng Shui Consultant

Bedrooms should have very yin energy – dark, quiet and calm energy.  This is where we renew ourselves after a hard day of work (or play) and we need a nurturing environment to help us receive the required sleep to function perfectly.  The bedroom should only be used for two purposes – sleeping and making love.  If you have computer or gym equipment in your bedroom, remove it as it is distracting to the two functions.

Dim lighting and setting aside an area in the bedroom where you (as a couple) could talk with your partner would be ideal.  You may even wish to have a seating area to read your book or have a nighttime snack before bed. Everything placed in the bedroom should be relaxed, liked or appreciated.  No loud art work or sculptures in this space.  Do not put   mirrors in this room;  however, a good sized mirror over the bureau or dresser is fine as long as it does not reflect the bed or you. Do the colors match the colors in the Bagua for this room?  If not, you can add accent pillow or afghan to make the flow of energy smoother and calmer. Are they refreshing to your soul?  Does everything feel comfortable?  Do you feel as if you can relax in your bedroom at the end of the day and leave the troubles of the world behind?

Note to those who are single and wish to marry or have a significant other…place two nightstands in your bedroom as well as two chairs to invite a partner into your life.  Place two lamps, pairs of anything such as geese, flowers, stars, hearts, etc., to help love find you.

Be sure that both of you like the wall color, curtains and bedspread.  If one of you does not like the colors, it would not be a comforting place for him or her to spend their evenings.  Compromise and enjoy your bedroom getaway.

Be sure your bedroom nourishing place for love, health, abundance and joy.

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About Vikki Anderson Certified Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner Professional International Astrologer Professional Tarot Consultant Certified Hypnotherapist Interfaith Minister for all types of ceremonies including weddings, baptisms, etc. Writer/lecturer/teacher in metaphysics and parapsychology Certified Crystal Therapist Silva Mind International Graduate Author, Lecturer and Teacher of Metaphysics and Parapsychology
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