Creativity, Children and Feminine Energy of the Ba Gua

by Vikki Anderson

Now we are on the last section of the middle of the ba gua called the Creativity, Children and Feminine energy section. This section is to the middle right of your space from the architectural front door. The colors in this area should be white, silver or gold, it represents the metal energy and for the physical body, it represents the mouth, head and lungs. It also correlates to courage.

This is an interesting area in my home as it falls in my kitchen. Without knowing Feng Shui at the time when I redesigned and redecorated my kitchen, I changed all of the hardwood dark cabinets, which were ceiling to floor on three walls, to white and lighter cabinet doors. Immediately, the space felt lighter and bigger. It really made a big difference in the way others viewed this space and I found myself entertaining my kitchen a lot more than usual.

I put up white lace curtains to keep the sunlight coming through the windows and keeping the space bright! I put many circle or round shaped items in this space. I am currently giving my oval dining room table to my daughter who is moving to a new apartment and I will replace it with a glass and metal round table with wrought iron chairs and white cushions. I have many round potted plants here and many items which represent my creativity on the outer wall in that space.

I remember years ago before I was certified in Feng Shui, I had writer’s block. So one of my friends actually put paper and pens in that area for me to get the spark back into my writing. Within a day, I was writing up a storm. I also have pictures of my daughter in that area and some of her artwork to ensure that her well being is stable and happy.

Of course, there is a white ceiling fan in this space, so I made such I was protected from it by placing a large 60 mm round crystal and blessed Quan Yin bell hanging from it. Ceiling fans cut up health, wealth and happiness, but in this area, it is more likely to cut up the creativity and issues dealing with children, etc. So, that is a good reason to protect the effects of the fan. I also have another blessed bell on the back door leading out onto the porch so that when that door is opened or closed, my space also gets blessings.

This is an interesting space since it relates to so many areas in the ba gua. Make it a clutter free, organized and give it positive intent so that the blessings will flow your way.

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About Vikki Anderson Certified Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner Professional International Astrologer Professional Tarot Consultant Certified Hypnotherapist Interfaith Minister for all types of ceremonies including weddings, baptisms, etc. Writer/lecturer/teacher in metaphysics and parapsychology Certified Crystal Therapist Silva Mind International Graduate Author, Lecturer and Teacher of Metaphysics and Parapsychology
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