Feng Shui This!

By Vikki Anderson

Most of us don’t realize that we attract things to us by our thoughts, actions and most importantly our environment. Here are some of the simple tips that you could do to positively change the energy in your space. Just know, like everything else, this is a process and takes time.

We work with nine areas of life in Feng Shui which include: Skills & Knowledge, Self Cultivation and Wisdom; Family, Foundation and Ancestors; Prosperity, Abundance and Good Fortune; Fame and Reputation; Relationships, Love and Marriage; Creativity and Children; Helpful People, Travel and Benefactors; Career and Life Path; and Health. If you have clutter in any of these areas, there will most likely be an issue in that area of life.

Wind chimes and whirligigs are the most beautiful and easiest of the Feng Shui cures inside and outside of your home. If you feel you need the energy to flow better in a space, try these cures.

Front door entrances should be beautiful and welcoming. The space should be inviting so place a melodious chime over the front door area. Place a bell on the door so that when it is opened, not only would you hear the beautiful tone, but you will also be aware that someone has come into your space. If the walkway is a straight line from the street to your door, plant flowers, bulbs or evergreens strategically placed to slow down the chi (energy). A birdbath or bubbly fountain in the front yard will bring abundance into the home.

As you open the front door, you should see the inside of the home. If there is a wall in your view, a tasteful mirror will help bring in positive energy. Remove clutter. Having stairways upon entering a home allows the chi to run out of the house quickly. Plants at the bottom or on the stairs as well as crystals or chimes above the front door will help slow down the exiting chi.

Long narrow hallways need beautiful pictures or mirrors to slow down the chi from running down that space and exiting the home. You can also put planters or lighting on both sides of the hallway to keep the energy in your home longer.

Hang a 40-60mm leaded round crystal on a red cord in 9” increments on your ceiling fans to stop your money from being cut up.

Beams on a ceiling need bamboo flutes to lighten the heavy energy. Crystals may also be used.

Place a small ba gua (eight sided) mirror outside of all of your bathroom doors or above door trims. This keeps money from “going down the drain.”

De-clutter your home so that people feel comfortable. Clutter may cause allergies, health issues and depression. Make your home feel welcoming. Try to place properly sized furniture in rooms.

Live plants are best in a home, but if you must have silk, be sure that they look so real that people will have to touch them to know the difference. Remove dead or sickly plants and never keep old dried up bouquets of flowers visible.

Fountains or pictures of waterfalls would be appropriate for the wealth area. This area is also advantageous for an indoor or outdoor pool. Place a money vase filled with increments of money you would like to manifest to attract more financial opportunities.

The attics in the home are your future; your living space is the present and basements are the past. You should clean out accordingly, so that the past is in the basement, etc. Also, closets follow the same rule. The bottom is the past, the middle is the present and the shelves are the future. Keep them clutter free.

You need to put your intention into everything you do as well as perform specific prayers and mudras to activate many of these cures. One just can’t go around the house and place a crystal here and a chime there and think that you have Feng Shui’d your space. That is when a professional should be consulted; however, you can do many of the suggestions I’ve listed above to get on the road to a great start.

For a private Feng Shui consultation, realtor staging or interior design, call Vikki at 973-492-3110 or email her at Starscape50@optonline.net or visit her website at http://www.fengshuimoon.com.  Do not reprint all or part of this article without using author’s full name or web site url.    Copyright 2008-2010 with upcoming book entitled, “Feng Shui This!”

About Vikki Anderson

www.vikkianderson.net www.fengshuimoon.com Certified Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner Professional International Astrologer Professional Tarot Consultant Certified Hypnotherapist Interfaith Minister for all types of ceremonies including weddings, baptisms, etc. Writer/lecturer/teacher in metaphysics and parapsychology Certified Crystal Therapist Silva Mind International Graduate Author, Lecturer and Teacher of Metaphysics and Parapsychology
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